Bookabuy delivery

‘Brown paper packages tied up with string……’


Bookabuy hit the nail on the head this month…


and there was also something rather curious in this months package.


I couldn’t quite make out what it was but this was my guess in the end.


A lovely bookmark….

This was my last delivery…..unless I renew my subscription…

Will I.?????       Won’t I   ?????   Should I ??????

Stay Posted    Love L

What I read this week

Blue Dog by Louis de Bernieres.

The prequel to Red Dog before he became the Pilbraa Wanderer that we all fell in love with.

A short novel written essentially for 12 year old boys but loved by children and adults alike.

Set in the Pilbara Western Australia and full of many Australianisms, but the one that made me laugh and I had not heard before was

‘…& you couldn’t get bum nuts ’cause there weren’t any chooks to lay ’em…’

hahahaha  ….bum nuts..that one I have never heard before.

Stay Posted       Love L

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March 2017


I know the Grinch stole Christmas but who stole February ?

Seriously  !!   Where did it go ??

Well if you saw it I hope you had a good one.



Enjoy time with your mates this month.

Stay Posted   Love L







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Time to change your calendar 

Drive safe 🙂   

Stay Posted.   Love L. 

Compare the Pair

Cooked in the same pan but the one on the left sourced from a supermarket and the other direct from the free range farm 

I know where I’ll be getting my eggs for now on. 

Stay posted.  Love L 

17 UFOs In 2017

I’ve joined up to my friend Meredith’s 2017 challenge this year to work on 17 UFOs

Here they are:

My Kaleidoscope Hexagon quilt that I have been hand piecing for about 6 yrs now. Over the years I would work on it for a few weeks then move onto something else and not touch it for months.  123 Blocks are needed and I have 9 to go so while I have been working on this for the last three weeks and it’s time to move to the next UFO I have decided to keep going and get all the last nine finished.  Then I have to add 123 circles to each block…but that will be for another day week month




My lovely Liberty dresses…..lost for months but now found… I’m looking forward to doing these and plan to spend six weeks rather than three making up more….


Two cushion covers to be made for my bed and the spare room  I might use the remaining fabric to re-cover some chairs


Will I ever finish this …?????  It’s not jut one block. I bought the whole McKenna Ryan kit.


William Morris Strawberry Fields wall hanging started before I went away last year..Not too much more to do just a bit fiddly.


A kit I bought at a quilt show about three years ago.  Machine work.  It was taking me too long to do and I wanted to get one done for Kid 2 by Xmas so I put this aside and made another one for her.


Lindy and I bought one of these together….with the plan to make it together…about three Xmas’s ago….I will take it to our next sewing day and try and make a time when we can get together and make it.


Another Kit I couldn’t resist….. I’ve called it Birds in the Burra…


at this point I will be on overdrive and need to chill out a bit……


How can I not put Bonzer and Beaut on the list.?


And ‘no toy gets left behind’ !….so Hop and Skip will be with us by the end of the year


Boy, did I fall behind with this block of the month…..I will try to redeem myself


Ok….this is officially the oldest UFO I have…11 yrs ..  OMG…

Matilda’s Station

I still love it after all this time.

Again I would binge on it and then not touch it for ummmm  ever..  I think I have only one more block to do and then can put it near and yet so far


This is a repair job… It is my Great Grandmother’s bed spread that is now over 100 years old and looks so nice in my cottage .  ( I promised Mum that I wouldn’t tell anyone that she put it out in their garage sale for $100… I saw it and grabbed it and put it in my car.  When I think what might have been!   ). I darned some tears but there are still a few more to do.


So there you have it…Each UFO gets three weeks each.  I am spending 6 weeks on two of them so that takes me to 15.   The other remaining two I can’t show you because they are a gift..

I’m off now to do some more Kaleidoscope Blocks

Stay Posted.   Love L x

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What I read this week.

I picked up a packet of Savoy biscuits the other day and when I went to open it I read on the box ‘Open other End’.

I immediately thought ‘NO’ !  and continued to open the box any way I wanted..!!!!

Do you do that ……or is it just me?


PS,  There is an update on Mr Rams blog.

Stay Posted……Love L

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