Next Stop New Orleans

After driving from Napa Valley back to San Francisco we had a short flight to New Orleans.   Arriving about 10pm, Thomas was on the next flight and arrived about 10.30.  The three of us then waited for MP’s friend to pick us up from the airport.  We waited and waited and waited, checked messages, made calls, waited, made more calls, sent more messages, waited and waited. Finally it was decided that we had to either stay overnight at the airport or find a hotel.

So at 1am in the morning MP and Thomas were busy at their laptops trying to find some rooms.  ‘last’ wasn’t much help or any others really.  Because of the time it the system wouldn’t really work for us.  If we entered Saturday – today- it thought we wanted rooms for that night rather than right now.  If we put in Friday the date was past so not accepted.   Finally about 2.30am MP’s phone rang.. It was Mr C, he had just checked his phone and saw all the missed messages and calls, he had been up working late and was about to go to bed.  He thought we were arriving the Saturday night, not Friday.  He arrived at the airport within 25mins, full of apologies and good humor.   We were all rather hungry at this point so he took us to an all night joint that played black and white movies.  The Good Earth was playing, I read the book years ago, the food took a while, I think I saw the entire movie. By 4.30am we arrived at Mr C’s home and after a brief tour of his lovely home we were finally  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Later that morning, after a lovely breakfast of bacon, eggs, and in MP’s case, a million cups of coffee, we set off for the Music Festival that was happening in the heart of New Orleans.  We drove past the stadium that housed all those people after hurricane Katrina back in 2005.   New Orleans is below sea level and the levee system failed.   ( Mental note to self….never buy property below sea level.!! )    We walked through the French Quarter and lots of the streets were blocked off to traffic so the day had a real festival feel about it.   Even though we had had a decent breakfast it was impossible to say no to the biggest oysters I’ve ever seen at Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar, Iberville St  ….I can’t believe it but I don’t have a photo of them…. The bar has been running for 70yrs and is a Louisiana tradition of top quality seafood and beer.


So with a very very  full tummy we went for a walk, along Bourbon Street, Royal Street, came across all sorts of bands playing around the city.

Little Freddie King…..70 yrs old and still going strong.



IMG_4825 IMG_4827 IMG_4828 IMG_4833

and finally at this bar they played ‘Devil went down to Georgia’… of my favorite songs and to hear it live in the heart of New Orleans was priceless.


We had a great day.

Stay Posted   Love L


One thought on “Next Stop New Orleans

  1. wow river boats and all!!!! Is there still a lot of devastation around from the hurricane after all this time?? I bet the music is fantastic – have fun! x.


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