Train to Rugby

Recently there was a Beer Festival in Rugby and so MP arranged the train tickets for five of us and off we went to arrive in Rugby by about 12.30


…needless to say, before we got to the pub where the festival was being held there were a few to visit along the way.

The first was The Seven Stars.  A really lovely old pub with a friendly warm feeling about it.  I could have stayed there most of the day.

IMG_4971     IMG_4972


and I loved the directions to the toilets……


Then it was on to The Alexandra…


which had a beer that made me very hoppy happy …..


and then finally The Merchants

IMG_4979     IMG_4982

IMG_4981       IMG_4980

then on the way home we stopped into a quirky little pub called The Squirrel.


It had a lovely cider….


and some cute little things scattered about the pub.

IMG_4988    IMG_4984


Back on the train and home by 6.30pm…

Stay Posted  Love L


2 thoughts on “Train to Rugby

  1. Ha ha luv the poem at the end!!!! What was on the ceiling of the merchants? (All the black stuff) – its a wonder you are not pubbed out!!!!


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