Only two at a time please

The hotel we stayed in at Lille was ……um….er…..well put it this way….at least it was clean.

this is the lift to our fifth floor attic room…..


Yes….’so’ you are thinking…..well this is when I’m in it and I’m standing against the back wall…if I don’t know you I’m not getting in.. !!!


I went to the book market housed in the Vieille Bourse built 1652-53  ….everything was in french of course…..


It was strange to see Donald Duck speaking french..


I did a little shopping and then stopped for lunch ……

Enjoying the passing parade along place de la Gare.


The sun was warm and out most of the day which made the day just that little bit extra special.

Stay Posted   Love L


One thought on “Only two at a time please

  1. I. Don’t think I could get in that lift – I would scream it looks the size if a coffin!!! Rest if the day looked glorious – beats being at work!!


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