Steaming Ahead

We left Lille behind and got the Eurostar back to the UK….There was a bit of a hold up for about 45mins because the freight train running ahead of us had broken down inside the tunnel.  There are two tunnels under the English Channel  One travels from the UK to France and the other from France to the UK…  We had to wait while the track from UK to France was cleared and off we went ( hoping the engineers got all the track swapping right and there would not be a head on collision ) arriving late but safe and sound… Normally it is a two hour door to door trip….Northern France to Hertfordshire…amazing.

After getting all the washing done from the week before I had a bit of down time and had a look at a website that is close to my heart.  There is a new TV add and it is stunning.  It gave me goosebumps and I’m looking forward to heading to the river on my return.  Click on PS Emmylou on the right hand side of my blog and click on the new video.

A day out on the Emmylou, sewing, wine, sunshine, the smell of steam and the sights and sounds of the mighty Murray River flowing slowly by……treat yourself to a day ‘messing about on the river.’

Stay Posted   Love L


3 thoughts on “Steaming Ahead

  1. You weren’t stuck in the tunnel under the water waiting for that train to be fixed were you?? I would have expired sitting under all that water!! Lynnie lives up in Emmy Lou country just had a weekend on a houseboat up and down the Murray – a riverboat ride would be fabo!!!


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