Summer Time Blues

Well its officially the first day of summer here in the UK……

Is it cloudy… bet

Is it windy……you bet

has it rained….you bet

is my winter coat still in the hall ……you bet

So rather than sitting in the sun enjoying a nice cool glass of wine I have been inside, wrapped up in a warm quilt, watching the French Open Tennis and reading a fabulous book I found in a charity shop in Newcastle upon Tyne.  ‘The World of Downton Abbey’.  I love this series and the book is beautifully presented and it only cost me 4 quid !!


IMG_5162 It is a beautiful hardcover by Jessica Fellowes with a foreword by Julian Fellowes, the writer of Downton Abbey for series one and two.   It contains beautiful photographs of scenes from the series and a wonderful history of how things where done in the early years of the 20th century both upstairs and down.   I have seen it for sale on amazon if you are interested in getting yourself a copy.

More rain is due tomorrow….but they keep saying it will fine up….hmmmm lets see shall we !

Stay Posted     Love L


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