Delightful Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy came to join us at the pub the other night…


this is the same little dog that I met last year… is a reminder

………… was time to get the bus again and I asked what will they do with their dog Daisy, a cute little fluffy terrier spaniel cross, but there was no problem, the driver allowed her onto the bus and she sat up to enjoy the ride.   Her owners decided to go all the way into town but didn’t want to take Daisy with them so after a phone call to their daughter  and 20 mins into the trip  the bus pulls  over at stop 29 where their daughter was  waiting, off trots Daisy with a wag of her tail and a shake of her little bottom.  The driver closes the door and off we go again.!!!

Daisy popped herself up on the chair to enjoy a few doggie biscuits before heading home…


this time it was a lovely mild evening so she decided to walk…

Stay Posted   Love L


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