Pit Stop Day 1

Life is full of little surprises.  Yesterday we had a little visitor.

Miss P came right up to the back door and wandered inside.


and made herself very comfortable.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 9.17.06 am

We noticed she had a tag on each leg and after a look on the internet it told us she was a racing pigeon and not a wild or feral one.

With advise from the website we fed her some bird seed and water.   The site says that she probably resting for a while before moving on home and the most important thing is to provide her with fresh water.   She was very well behaved as she wandered around the living room and kitchen several times.  Following me about and then going outside again.

IMG_5303  IMG_5305    IMG_5309

She was a very pretty girl


At the end of the evening she flew up to the upstairs bedroom windowsill safe from roaming foxes to settle for the night.

I wonder if she will be there in the morning…

Stay Posted   Love L


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