Summer in the City

The last two days have consisted of beautiful sunshine and ‘high’ temperatures….

the low 30’s. and it’s the talk of the town.

The heat rule at Wimbledon for the women’s tour is 31’c which has been the rule for the last 20yrs.

As I type this it is 33.1 degrees c on Henman Hill.  I reckon the Aussies are loving it.

As much as I would like to be there I’m content to watch in on TV.

With all this lovely sunshine the garden is singing.

IMG_5495 IMG_5497 IMG_5498 IMG_5499 IMG_5500 IMG_5501 IMG_5502

Also out in the garden MP has an old butlers sink full of water and water lilies of some kind and it is also the home of a sweet little frog ….I’ve called him Ralph.   He has been living there for many months but I’ve never been able to get a photo of him because he is nearly always in the water hiding behind the lilies.  Most day’s I go out to see if he is there and today while I was taking some pics of the garden there he was sitting on the stones.  Sorry the pics are not very sharp.  I had to be quick and was holding my phone in one hand, holding the leaves back with the other and hoping not to drop my phone in the water.

IMG_5504 IMG_5505

Just two seconds after I took these he jumped back into the water.

A good place to be today.

Stay Posted    Love L


2 thoughts on “Summer in the City

  1. Beautiful flowers……Ralph has a good spot. We too are enjoying the tennis – from the comfort of our armchairs and – DUCTED – heating.


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