Portobello Road Market…

While MP had a day out on a beer crawl I headed into London and the Portobello Road Market Notting Hill.

photo 4

It was a beautiful summers day and the market was bustling.

photo 2 photo 3

Famous for its antiques the road goes on and on and on…

I walked from to Nottinghill Gate tube station to  Westbourne Park Rd the spot where, in the movie Notting Hill, William Thacker bumps into Anna Scott on the corner.  Remember…??  he spills orange juice all over the front of her.


Everything from cheap knock offs to beautiful antique china it is an overload of smells sounds and choice.

 photo 3 photo 1 photo 2

Finally after all that walking I hadn’t bought a thing but on my way back as I walked along the side of the road where all the antique shops were I spotted this tiny little Johnsons jug for just £8 and I couldn’t resist, it was just toooooo pretty.



Every time I use it I will be reminded of my first visit to Portobello Road Market Notting Hill.

Time for me to go now….there is a movie I want to watch…:-)

Stay Posted    Love L


4 thoughts on “Portobello Road Market…

  1. Did you see the big “blue” door of Will’s front door of his house or where the book shop was?? What a great street and luuuv the jug!! (Mrs Mac would luv it too!)


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