Back to Hitchen

A few days ago I traveled back to Hitchin Hertfordshire.  Catching the 10.39 bus it is nearly an hours journey that I have done about three or four times now and I never get tired of the ride.  I always take a book to read but never get it out.  The scenery is quiet lovely….lots of green fields and views of distant hills.  The road at times becomes a very narrow country lane, wide enough for just one vehicle with the hedgerow scratching along both sides of the bus.  It is a stop start journey as we encounter a car or van coming in the opposite direction.  Along the lanes are tiny laybys, a small area about as wide as a driveway were one vehicle will pull over to let the oncoming one pass and there always seems to be one about when the need arises.  On this particular day we had to slow to walking pace for a time ……we didn’t want to spook the horse in front.  We soon came to a layby and with a cheery wave the rider signaled that it was ok to pass and off we went.

Arriving at 11.39 I had two hours until the next bus came….I had to keep an eye on the time because if I missed that bus the wait will be another two hours.    It being a Thursday the market wasn’t open so I walked through the churchyard of St Marys.

photo 1

Some of the grave stones so old that all the inscription had weathered away.

photo 2

I went inside but there was a service on so didn’t take any pics….click here ‘St Mary’s‘ and read about the history, and yes I touched lots of the stone for you Helen, it was quiet beautiful.

photo 4 photo 3

The walk through the churchyard brings you to the town square and one of the oldest pubs, the Rose and Crown.

photo 4

photo 2

After doing a bit of shopping and trying on dresses I didn’t really need I headed for my favorite wool shop and the walk is just lovely…..along Sun Street


left into Bridge Street



a peek down the old stable entrance ….


and into Knit & Knacks


Got myself some more wool and a new project with the help of the lovely Gilly…

I’ve picked the saddle bag in two colours rather than one…..


and then at the top of the street is the Half Moon.


I spent so much time in the wool shop that there was no time for a swift half and I had been in there quiet a few times so I headed straight for the bus stop….which just happens to be opposite The Bricklayers Arms…


but the bus was only a few minutes away so it was time to head back and I was keen to get started on my next crochet project.

Stay Posted   Love L


3 thoughts on “Back to Hitchen

  1. Omg the town is gorgeous!! The view thru the stables is amazing!! Tks for touching the church! Nothing like starting a new project lulu – we are off to sewjourn this weekend coming back Monday xx


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