Mini Break in Edinburgh

The last few days have been spent in the beautiful city of Edinburgh Scotland.

photo 3

this was the view from the hotel in Haymarket Edinburgh

photo 1

We had a beautiful weather ….for Scotland…

photo 4

and paid a visit to Greyfriars Bobby.

Famous for his devotion to his master.  After his master pasted away little Bobbie slept every night by his masters grave until his own death.  The towns people cared and fed him but he always was totally dedicated to his owner.

photo 4

Past a cafe where J K Rowings sat and wrote her first  Harry Potter novel

photo 5 photo

photo 2

On my way up to the Royal Mile I walked through one of many closes’, courts and alleys found around the streets of Edinburgh

photo 3

photo 1

Some of them are a bit creepy and exciting at the same time.

I also this this tour….

It was too dark to take photos so have a look at the link.

Stay Posted     Love L


4 thoughts on “Mini Break in Edinburgh

  1. Just managed to catch up on your travels , lovely photos , take care and see you when you get back ,or visit or whatever xx Maree


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