The wait is over….

After being on the waiting list for 18 years.!!!!

I finally received my membership for the Melbourne Cricket Club…Hooray !!!  and last month I got to use it for the very first time.   Instead of having to meet Dad ‘on the couch’ I was able to walk straight on into the Long Room order a glass of wine and then while waiting for dad I …..sat on another couch..!!!

In fact I walked in and out twice just so I could show my ticket again hahahaha

And now I can sit on the members level 2…and I can even read the numbers on the players guernseys  ( not sure how to spell it)

It’s a shame Collinwood are not in the finals this year….oh well what the heck… I’ll go anyway just so I can show my ticket.

I was even thinking of having a party at home to celebrate …members only of course. ! 🙂



Go Pies…

Stay Posted   Love L


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