Australian Federal Election

Today I went into London to the Australian High Commission to vote in the Australian Federal Election…..along with how many Aussies…???????


Then, naturally, it began to rain.     I waited in the queue, as staff moved down the line handing out How to Vote brochures, for about 30mins until it began to move.  First I had to go through a small tent set up beside the building for security, checking bags etc.     As I stepped into the building a staff member was there to explain the envelop that had to be completed.  Once that was done it was on to the next staff member who checked and witnessed the form, then moving through the grand hall I was directed to the queue for my State, my name ticked off and behind the staff member were files containing all the green forms for every Electoral Division in my State.  I was given my voting form and once completed another staff member directed me to the ballot box and then out the door.  Job done.  All in all it didn’t take very long. It was all very organized.  But lets face it, the Brits are the ‘top of the pops’ when it comes to organizing events.  No photo’s were allowed inside which is why I have just the two outside.

As for the result of the election…..regardless of who wins I don’t think it will put the country in as much shock as the result of the UK referendum has in Britain.

Stay Posted…..  Love L


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