Market Day..

It was market day at……IMG_5901

A lovely town in Bedfordshire…   Leaving MP enjoying a local beer festival I parked the car at the local Supermarket, Morrisons, got some groceries then followed the signs into the town center to explore the market….


Fifteen minutes later I was done but talking to a local stall holder I was advised to visit the local wool shop The Spotted Sheep…..”not far from ‘ear my lovely….joost down behind the ‘airdressers in Peacock Mews. We’re open till 5 aday”.   I finished my ice-cream and set off.


I found the Mews….it was just a tiny little alleyway but looked cheerful enough.


Sure enough, tucked away to the right was the Spotted Sheep…an oasis of wool, wool and more wool.


The ladies working in there were so kind and helpful.  I was itching for a project but not sure what and so was shown a book a patterns which I spent some time going through as I listened to the conversations of the girls in the store as they worked on their knitting.

They were due to attend a local wedding and there was much discussion on what shoes to wear depending on the weather as well as makeup and hairstyles.

I decided on three patterns and bought the wool for the first one with the added anticipation of going back another day to buy the wool for the next project


I have been having problems with my phone and so was unable to take anymore pics but on my next visit I’ll take some more.

After a very pleasant time in the Spotted Sheep I still had some time before I had to meet up with MP so I wandered into The Black Lion for a quiet one and started my next project listening to the locals talk about nothing but the UEFA European Championships know locally as ‘the euros’.  There seems to be no other topic of conversation except that at the moment.

Stay Posted … Love L



2 thoughts on “Market Day..

  1. What a gorgeous old fashioned looking wool shop!! Luv your scarf pattern! If u were back here u would b knitting socks! Hugs


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