An Evening with Alison Weir

When I was in Waterstones bookshop…..again…!!!    I picked up a flyer…….


One of the speakers was Alison Weir..I couldn’t believe my luck. One of my favorite historical writers.  In fact I’m reading one of her books right now. ‘The Lady in the Tower, The fall of Anne Boleyn’.   I purchased the ticket on my iphone, had the ticket sent to my app Eventbrite and was all set.  The talk was held in the lovely Nave of the local St Peters Church and there was quiet a turn out. It seemed rather strange to walk into such a lovely old church that instantly takes you  back in time,  showing my ticket at the door on my iphone.    In the pic below I sat in the front pew on the right next to a lovely older lady who asked me to nudge her awake if she fell asleep.


Alison gave a wonderful talk about “my favorite queen”.

In fact she told us that she had named her daughter after Katherine of Aragon.

Katherine of Aragon  The True Queen.

The first in a series of six books focusing on the wives of King Henry VIII.

Beginning with her journey from Spain as a young 16 year old girl to a strange country where everything from the language to the fashion is foreign to her.

She spoke of Katherine’s courage, her spirit, her deep faith in God and her love for her King.  I could have listened to Alison for hours.  It was clear that she knew her subject and history like the back of her hand.    Question time began and was just as informative.  I was even brave enough to ask a question.

“Given that Chapuys, the Spanish Ambassador, was a champion of Katherine,  how accurate are his chronicles?”

The answer was clear and concise and confirmed my understanding of his role and character.  While he may at times have been slightly bias towards the Queen he was also a good friend of King Henry VIII and so the majority of his letters/reports sent back to Spain can be relied upon as being reasonably factual and balanced.

All too soon it was over.

At the end of the evening I lined up to get my ‘Lady in the Tower’ book signed…….


then made a few more purchases and got back in the line to have them signed as well.



I am soooo looking forward  to reading this book…and the next five..!!!

Stay Posted   Love L…..



4 thoughts on “An Evening with Alison Weir

  1. What a wonderful evening. Put me on your borrowing list. I believe Katherine of Aragon lived in Ampthill Castle near Bedfordshire, from 1531 until divorced in 1533. Did you happen to visit there?


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