Maggie’s Misadventure

Maggie has been staying with  DN1 (daughter number one) while I’m in the UK and a few weeks ago it was noticed that she was lame,  (Maggie not my daughter hahahaha ) .  Holding up her right back leg and unable to put any weight on it.   She had torn a ligament in her knee and required surgery.  On the bright side Maggie could not have been in better hands.  DN1 has had quite a bit of experience caring for dogs both before and post surgery.  First with Maggie’s sister Jay when she had a hip replacement many years ago and just recently with Rambo who required his back leg amputated because of a life threatening cancer. You can read more about Mr Rams by clicking on his picture on the sidebar.

The surgery went well and after a night at the vet DN1 had the car all set up ready and  brought her home.


Then into the crate for some quiet time and sleep.


Here DN1 is icing Maggie’s knee and giving her lots of TLC.


A few days later Maggie is feeling better and happy to have the collar off while DN1 is there to make sure she doesn’t lick her wound.


Over the next three weeks all walks are reduced to few minutes in the garden and walking about the house and will gradually increase in five minute intervals for the next few months.  Being winter is a bit of a bonus, it will be easier to keep her inside.  She loves the warmth.  DN1 certainly has her hands full.

Stay Posted     Love L




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