Road Trip with the boys…..


On a sunny English summers day about 16 of us piled into a mini bus and headed to the Oakham Brewery, Peterborough. A beautiful city in the heart of rural east England.

First things first though…..a couple of pit stops on the way…

Our first stop was a beautiful friendly pub in a  village called Little Gransden, Bedfordshire.

In the pic below you can just see the mini bus on the right.

The front of the building is the pub and you enter just next to the garden seat. The first room has tables and seating with lots of hops around the ceiling and the bar is in the center and at the end of the building is more seating.  All their beers are brewed on the premises by Son of Sid Brewery.


There is also a selection of ciders and I chose the following. Although a 6.5% ABV is a bit much to start the day with it is one of my favorites and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to have …’just a half’ 🙂


We stayed for about an hour and then back on the bus heading north for about 30min to the next pub The Falcon in Huntingdon.  Just another pub you are thinking…but wait….there’s more.

This is a 16th Century Inn, over 500 years old and said to be the oldest in Cambridgeshire.

See the window  above the big double doors.  That is where Oliver Cromwell addressed his troops who where standing in the market square exactly where I was standing to take the pic.

He was born here in this town in 1599 and made this pub his headquarters for the Civil War and recruited  his New Model Army.

Cromwell’s army defeated the forces of King Charles I in the battle of Naseby in 1645 and he co-signed the King’s death warrant.  In 1653 Cromwell became Lord Protector.


I enjoyed another half trying to get my head around the fact that Oliver Cromwell walked here.

Pretty amazing.


Then we arrived at the Oakham Brewery for a tour.

Yep….this was the boring part, but only for me….It was more of a guys thing..  A bit like cars…

I really do appreciate and admire a nice car…but I’m not all that interested in how they build them …so it goes for beer …love and appreciate a good beer but how they brew it is not my cup of tea …hahaha..

Having said that, the brewery was very impressive..Huge in fact.  Very clean, loud, shiny, and smelt great.  I had a taste of the malt grains and they were delicious, I could have munched on them all day but was warned to be careful, they can crack your teeth. The tour guide really knew his stuff.  Timing how long to brew, keeping temperatures  right etc and all the guys thought it was a very informative and interesting tour.


Once the tour was over it was back onto the bus and a quick drive to their Brewery Tap where all their beers are sold.

The brewers where wonderful hosts, providing us with free beer and nibbles for the evening…..The Citra was excellent and fresh from the brewery so how could it not be?


No halves this time..!!!


A great day out..

Stay Posted….  Love L



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