Mapgiewalkabout15 …where have you been?…….I went to London to visit the Queen…..

but she wasn’t home so………………

I went to Buckingham Palace to see The State Rooms and the exhibition ‘Fashioning a Reign’. 90 Years of Style from The Queen’s Wardrobe

Once you are inside The State Rooms photography is not allowed but click on the link above and on the right click on  ‘Explore the Exhibition’.  The ceremonial gowns are exquisite.  My favorite was the Coronation Gown with the Australian wattle on the hem.  I wish I was able to photograph them for you.  There wasn’t even a book that I could buy.

There is a lot of clicking on links in this post but I’m sure you will enjoy it and be as overwhelmed as I was.  So grab a cuppa and a chocolate and enjoy the tour.

The State Rooms are incredible.  For over two hours I wandered from the Ambassadors’ Court and Quadrangle,

through the  Grand Entrance and Marble Hall

and up the

Grand Staircase

everything seems to have the word Grand in front of it and yet the name of the rooms cannot be more plain…

   The Blue Drawing Room,

all the furniture is upholstered in blue,

The Green Drawing Room,

all the furniture is upholstered in green,

The White Drawing Room,

well that is all gold.

In no particular order because I can’t remember I saw the

The Picture Gallery

East Gallery

The Music Room

and even the

The Throne Room

where the photo of many marriages have been taken and yes, the Thrones were there, I had a little rest, ordered that the pushy loudmouth tourist in the next room to be removed to the tower to await my pleasure.

 I walked down the

Minister’s Landing and Staircase

showcasing Antonio Canova (1757-1822) Mars and Venus c.1815-1817.  Carved from a single block of marble.

The Bow Room

Now used on a daily basis as a waiting room for those being received in private audience by The Queen.   I waited and waited but I had a train to catch so Her Majesty missed the pleasure of my company. 🙂

Stay Posted   Love L


3 thoughts on “Mapgiewalkabout15 …where have you been?…….I went to London to visit the Queen…..

  1. Thank you DD for this wonderful blog and providing all the great links. It has been a wonderful tour. And not a beer in sight!!! YLM


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