On the run 

As I said in my previous post I’ve had frustrating problems with my laptop and then my phone decided to give up the ghost  ahhhhrrrrr.   My youngest Miss E took me to JB HiFi to buy a new one. I was so glad she was with me as I needed an interpreter to answer all the tech questions fired at me.   After about an hour we emerged with a new iPhone complete with new cover, extra charging cord for the car and more storage than Paris Hilton’s wardrobe.  After a weekend of playing with my new toy and resetting and upgrading and downloading and uploading and merging and allowing and deleting I am finally getting comfortable with this new  diary/phone/camera/contact to the outside world and best friend. This is my first post using just my iPhone and if it goes ok then I can put off having to upgrade to a bigger and better laptop for a little bit longer.     

I’m back in my cottage in the beautiful countryside of South Gippsland Victoria and loving the slower pace and relaxing feel.  Yesterday was 36° and I took Maggie to the beach for a romp in the water.  This morning it has been raining since about 4am and the sound of the rain on the tin roof is comforting and makes me want to start sewing.   Well I hope this post works.   Again, sorry for not posting much lately but things seem to be back on track now.  

Stay posted …. love L 


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