What I Read This Week 

From a favorite magazine called ‘The Scots Magazine ‘ I Read about  Scottish author and archaeologist Neil Oliver.  

Last year his first work of fiction was published called ‘Master of Shadows’ and the sequel is due out later next year.  Two more books to add to my Goodreads ‘want to read’ list !   

Neil tells of the story of when he was young and he found the following story which moved him the most   ….. “It was the tale of the HMS Birkenhead Disaster in 1852.  The Birkenhead was a troop ship that hit rocks just off the coast of South Africa.  It was obvious that the ship was going to go down but there weren’t enough lifeboats for the 600-plus men, women and children onboard.  There was complete confusion on deck when suddenly, a Scots Lieutenant-Colonel called Alexander Seton took charge.  He ordered all the men to stand to attention in complete silence while the women and children took their places in the only lifeboats. To a man, the soldiers followed his orders without any complaint. ……these men knew they were going to die. Their ship was sinking in shark-infested waters. Yet they just accepted it  It’s where the expression ‘women and children first’ was first uttered and actually, the correct name for that order is the Birkenhead Drill.  Rudyard Kipling wrote a poem about it .”

Soldier An’ Sailor Too

So now you know !   And you have some homework to do. Get your ‘Jollies’  – Look up the poem.

Stay Posted….. Love L 


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