New Year 2017

And we’re off !…..  Day one…. not that I’m counting but my fresh new calendar is up….



The Christmas decorations have been packed away.

The weather is doing it’s normal hot, cold, fresh, rain, humid, windy dance  to give us all something to talk about.

There is left over ham and plum pudding in the fridge.

My scales are lying to me.

My diary is filled with birthdays and sewing days.

My book reading challenge is set for 10 this year.

I’ve made my list for my sewing Challenge with Pomegranate and Chintz

The grass just wont stop growing.

Aircon on….Aircon off….Aircon on…..Aircon off….

The tennis is on TV.

and Hot Cross Buns are in the Supermarkets…!!!!!

Stay Posted    Love L


3 thoughts on “New Year 2017

  1. You are more organised than me Lulu – still haven’t transferred diary stuff yet, have a pile of books to read on my bedside table but I have made a list of my UFO’s (which is quite scary, but M’s would be scarier!!)


  2. Yes to all those things, but! just started another book, The Shadow of the Wind/The cemetery of forgotten books, Carlos Ruiz Zafon Intrigue, passion, humour and suspense, best seller list in Spain for 2 years and No 1 best seller in Germany. He was born in Barcelona in 1964, I love that place
    Happy New Year to you and your family and hope to catch up soon, can you give me lots of notice when you plan to have a day so I don’t arrange something.


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