Bilbys not Bunnys

Every Easter since my kids were little they would wake up to find a Bilby chocolate rather than a bunny chocolate on Easter Sunday.  They were never very impressed as their friends all got bunnys and they didn’t but the tradition continued and this year, due to changing circumstances, chocolate Bilbys are not an option.   Miss M, not to be defeated, found the save the Bilby website  and we have purchased our own soft toy Bilby for Easter.

Don’t you just love his little black and white tail?

After reading the website I decided to go one step further and I am now the very proud sponsor of ‘Macca

Macca was born in Charleville Queensland on 30th Janurary 2015.

He was named after radio personality and inspirational conservationist Ian McNamara – hence Macca-

of ABC’s radio show Australia All Over.

He lives in the historical railway building in Charleville where he and his mates feature in shows to educate and delight visitors about the research and conservation programs that are vital to the survival of his breed and other unique native species.

Go to the link above and have a read and I’m sure you will become a sponsor as well….It cost less than a pair of new shoes or a couple of good books.  I’d love to hear from you if you do.

Stay Posted    ……Love  L


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