Home from the red center

DN2 (daughter number 2) returned from the Northern Territory a few days ago after working on a cattle station for the past six months.  I drove her car yesterday to the farm in South Australia where she is staying for a while and she came down the lane to meet me to show me the way into the farm.   What I surprise I got ! 

Her partner  cooked up a roast in the camp oven and we ate sitting around the fire 

Then a neighbor brought over a two day old lamb who’s mother died yesterday 

Charlie, who smelt like beautiful clean wool, is now in the loving hands of DN2 and will live out his days on the farm 

I spent the whole of Mothers Day traveling back home and the closest I got to breakfast in bed was the drive through Maccas at 6.30 am for a egg and bacon McMuffin with DN2 and her boyfriend while waiting for the bus. 

But it was all worth it.  

Stay Posted.  Love L 


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