Bilbys not Bunnys

Every Easter since my kids were little they would wake up to find a Bilby chocolate rather than a bunny chocolate on Easter Sunday.  They were never very impressed as their friends all got bunnys and they didn’t but the tradition continued and this year, due to changing circumstances, chocolate Bilbys are not an option.   Miss M, not to be defeated, found the save the Bilby website  and we have purchased our own soft toy Bilby for Easter.

Don’t you just love his little black and white tail?

After reading the website I decided to go one step further and I am now the very proud sponsor of ‘Macca

Macca was born in Charleville Queensland on 30th Janurary 2015.

He was named after radio personality and inspirational conservationist Ian McNamara – hence Macca-

of ABC’s radio show Australia All Over.

He lives in the historical railway building in Charleville where he and his mates feature in shows to educate and delight visitors about the research and conservation programs that are vital to the survival of his breed and other unique native species.

Go to the link above and have a read and I’m sure you will become a sponsor as well….It cost less than a pair of new shoes or a couple of good books.  I’d love to hear from you if you do.

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What I Read This Week 

It was in Late Antiquity that people began to turn away from the worship of many gods of the classical Greco-Roman and eastern pantheons and drifted towards more philosophical beliefs promoting one divine power. Sects that sent a message of personal salvation and rebirth were becoming more widespread. 

It was Emperor Constantine the Great (324-337) and his conversion to Christianity that saw the change and assimilation. Although he was careful not to offend Italy’s powerful senotorial elite.  Remaining associated with the old state religion and worshipping of the sun god (Sol Invictus) who’s birthday is 25th December and introducing the ‘venerable day of the sun’ ( Sunday) as a compulsory day of rest.  It is this assimilation that we still live with today. 

Emperor Constantine the Great remained katechumen ( a Christian in preparation) until being baptised on his deathbed in 337. 

Baptism-one of the sacraments of the Christian church- was the washing away of the new Christian’s sins but every sin committed after baptism could only be atoned for by harsh penance. As a result many katechumen waited until near death before being baptised. 

It wasn’t until the early Middle Ages that this train of thought was reversed and baptism was practiced shortly after birth so that evil spirits could not encompass them.    

If Emperor Constantine had introduced two days of rest we may well have had an eight day week !!!   

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Some April Sunshine

I had 15 mins to spare before heading off to work so I did a bit of hooky while enjoying the morning sun.   

Have a good day .

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Stop Laughing….. this is serious

I have always been a great fan of formula 1 racing and this year, while not gettting to the track at Albert Park in Melbourne, I had every intention of watching it on TV if I could get a channel now that I’m living a bit further out of the CBD.

After much channel surfing and re-tuning I managed to get a country channel.  Not the best mind you and with lots of interference but watchable for a desperate F1 tragic like myself.  As long as I sat at one end of the couch with my legs curled up the reception was ok.

All was good and the V8″s were out on their final race for the weekend, I was enjoying a dark ale from Loch Brewery that I had purchased earlier in the day and then Miss Maggie walked in ! ….   The screen tessellated and coughed and spluttered …”sit down Mags”  I cried in desperation as she slowly walked about the room looking for heaven knows what.  Finally she settled and the so did the screen, the race was exciting, the race leader blew a tyre and opened up the race.  Maggie slept until the final 2 laps, another tyre was blown by a race leader and it was on, but Maggie woke, stood up and had a nice long stretch, nnnnoooooooo!!!!!!,  first the front legs..ahhhhhhhhh,  “sit down” !!!!!    then the back legs..mmmmmmm….”Maggie SIT !!!!!……good girl… ” the screen tessellated and coughed and spluttered..”no not that way…turn around …..” .”And the race leader is now cofnsjhasyfhawef>”” ..MAGGIE MOVE…She lay down and looked at me thumping  her tail on the floor where she lay.  I started laughing,  the tail thumped even faster and I just couldn’t fail to see the hilarity of the situation and couldn’t stop laughing. The more I laughed the more Maggie thumped her tail and the more she thumped her tail the worse the TV picture got.

Who won the race?  I can’t remember I was laughing too much…

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Bookabuy delivery

‘Brown paper packages tied up with string……’


Bookabuy hit the nail on the head this month…


and there was also something rather curious in this months package.


I couldn’t quite make out what it was but this was my guess in the end.


A lovely bookmark….

This was my last delivery…..unless I renew my subscription…

Will I.?????       Won’t I   ?????   Should I ??????

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What I read this week

Blue Dog by Louis de Bernieres.

The prequel to Red Dog before he became the Pilbraa Wanderer that we all fell in love with.

A short novel written essentially for 12 year old boys but loved by children and adults alike.

Set in the Pilbara Western Australia and full of many Australianisms, but the one that made me laugh and I had not heard before was

‘…& you couldn’t get bum nuts ’cause there weren’t any chooks to lay ’em…’

hahahaha  ….bum nuts..that one I have never heard before.

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